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Carriage Style Harness

This is a beautiful hand-crafted traditional carriage style harness. Perfect for CDE, dressage or pleasure driving. This harness comes complete with; breeching (removable), wider & shaped breast piece, beautiful trim and detailing. The shaped Cavesson does up on both sides of the lower jaw which allows for more comfortable adjustment. Traces buckle in. Shown with removable over check and a fleece pad is available at extra cost. There’s a leather tear drop on the Cavesson buckle, and this is a comfort feature. Harnesses that are custom ordered can be ordered with French Tugs or wrap straps. Driving lines are available in brown or two toned. This harness is proven to be very popular and has won "turn-out" awards at open breed driving events!

Also available by special order is a harness specially designed for the CDE competitions.

Under no circumstances are my images/photos to be taken, used or copied without written permission. These are the property of Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack & Harness.

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