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The JV Equine Stacker Harness Bag


The patented JV Equine “Stacker” Harness Bag is designed for those who are tired of jamming their expensive harnesses into a crammed bag, and are in need of a more beautiful, convenient, and secure option. Look no further for the most durable, spacious, and high quality harness bag than JV Equine. The Stacker comes complete with the following to ensure your piece of mind wherever you may go with your precious harness; two clips to secure your saddle, 1 clip to hold the breast collar and traces, 1 clip for the driving lines, a whip holder, a separate bridle-bra made of a breathable sport mesh material to clip in your bridle with a small opening for your driving lines. The Stacker is equipped with 4 large pockets on the inside to accommodate extra driving bits, rubber elastics for braiding your forelock, side cart number holders, or a hole punch to do those last minute adjustments. JV Equine also includes a complimentary heavy-duty hook to hang your Stacker wherever you may please.The JV Harness Bag is made out of 1000 Denier Defender material and the inside is made out of a soft quilted material to protect your investment.This JV Equine Stacking Harness Bag has mesh on both sides for maximum ventilation purposes. Hand wash in cold water, hand to dry, and looks new every time. Comes in numerous colors and custom embroidery is available at an extra cost. We will personalize your harness bag to accommodate your harness. Length: 3ft Width: 20 inches Depth: 6 inches Whip Pocket Holder Length: 28.5 inches.
For all our CDE customers we will incorporate an extra tab for your breeching.

Below are examples of some of the JV Equine Stacker Harness Bags that come in a variety of colors with custom embroidery with different fonts and colors as well.
Please contact us if there is a unique color you have in mind.

Under no circumstances are my images/photos to be taken, used or copied without written permission. These are the property of Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack & Harness.

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