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Quarter Style Show Halters

Quarter style show halters are used for Showmanship classes in our mini breed shows as well as an open breed show (where you and your mini compete with all sizes of equines!). In the mini shows, competitors also use this style of halter for in-hand performance classes such as Halter Obstacle, Hunter and Jumper classes. In some all-breed shows, you could also use a halter like this in the conformation classes.

Halters are also available in plain leather which look great for the in-hand performance classes of hunter, jumper, obstacle & liberty.

Lead shanks with the attached “stud chain” are also available and these are commonly used for the Showmanship classes. Nice long leather leads, without a chain, are good for the Hunter & Jumper classes.

Lucky Four Santafe Beau Bey,
Proudly owned by Kaycee Lunde

Quarter Style Show Halter in Mixed Gold & Silver

Quarter Style Show Halter in Silver

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